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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Repository Hosting?

Where are your servers located?

How do you secure and backup my data?

What do I do if I need support?

What languages do you support?


What forms of payment do you accept?

How do you determine how much I will be billed?

When will my account be billed?

Do you charge any hidden fees or surcharges?

Can I pay quarterly or annually? Can I make a one-time payment?


I do not see a place on your homepage to login. Where do I login?

What do I do if I have lost my password?

Why do I receive 503 errors, or why are my requests slow?

How do I cancel my account?


To what extent can I customize my users' permissions?

What is the XML schema and URL format used for custom callbacks?

What options do I have for managing email notifications?


How do I set up SSH keys in order to access my repositories via SSH?

How do I get SSH keys to work in Windows?

How do I manage multiple accounts with multiple keypairs on my client?

Why am I receiving errors when I try to connect to my repository via SSH?

How can I connect to my repository if port 22 is being blocked by a firewall?


How safe are my repositories from data loss?

How do I export my repository or Trac data?

How long are the backups available?

How can I automatically download backups to my local machine?

How can I automatically clean up old backups in my S3 account?


What is Trac?

What version of Trac are you running on your servers?

Why can I not see the Browse Source tab in my Trac project?

What plugins and features do you support for Trac?

What is the syntax for commit messages to affect ticket status?

Can I import an existing Trac project into my Repository Hosting account?


What is Subversion?

What version of Subversion are you running on your servers?

What methods do you provide to access Subversion repositories?

How do I upload a dump file of my existing repository?


What is Git?

What version of Git are you running on your servers?

What methods do you provide to access Git repositories?


What is Mercurial?

What version of Mercurial are you running on your servers?

What methods do you provide to access Mercurial repositories?


How do I map my shared drive from Windows?

How do I map my shared drive from a Mac?

How do I map my shared drive from Linux?

Have questions?

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Worst Case Scenario

Despite best efforts, even the most hardened of sites can go down. If we are ever experiencing any technical difficulties with our infrastructure, we will use an independently hosted Status Page to keep you informed.

If you suspect that something may be wrong with Repository Hosting, please be sure to visit: